MSI Integrity and Duke University report: The new regulators? Assessing the landscape of multi-stakeholder initiatives (2017)

This 2017 report highlights key findings on transnational standard setting multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs), their presence in various industries, patterns in MSI institutional governance, and analysis of how these MSIs set and monitor compliance with their standards. Results are based on initial findings from the MSI Database, a searchable online resource cataloguing information about the scope, governance, and operations of MSIs.

Even among non-users, survey finds standards alive and kicking

Reading sustainability blogs and articles these days can easily leave you with the impression that sustainability standards have passed their prime, that we are in a ‘beyond certification’ world.  Two recent surveys of business leaders – one conducted by the ISEAL Alliance and one conducted by Globescan for ISEAL – suggests that that is far from the case.  Sustainability standards are still leading sustainability tools, and many companies plan to expand their use of standards in the future.