Responsible Jewellery Council impacts report: Building responsible supply chains (2014)

Photo by Marieke van der Mijn of Responsible Jewellery Council, taken at Minera Yanaquihua SAC

This is the first Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) impacts report, published in 2014, which reviews the first four years of the RJC certification programme and sets out a baseline for future evaluations. The report draws on audit data, collaboration reports and independent studies and provides a snapshot of RJC’s mine to retail activities in the jewellery supply chain.

Key findings include evidence of growth in uptake of RJC certification, with more than 270,000 employees working at more than 5,900 Facilities covered by RJC Certification; two case studies showing that RJC standards are having a positive impact in setting new benchmarks for good practice; and evidence that certification can be successfully achieved by SMEs, while more can be done to raise awareness and support uptake.

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Posted on 12/02/2016

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