ODI Report: The impact of Fairtrade: A review of research evidence 2009-2015 (2017)

Vanilla traders, Madagascar © Sylvain Ly, Fairtrade International

This review synthesises results from 45 recently published studies to assess the impacts of Fairtrade certification for smallholder producer groups and workers in hired labour organisations.

Some key findings are:

  • “Fairtrade Minimum Prices act as a safety net providing varied direct price benefits to certified producers depending on trends in market prices.”
  • “Contextual factors such as existing land distribution patterns, national labour laws and social gender norms affect the nature and degree of Fairtrade impacts in different producer markets and communities.”
  • “Fairtrade certification in hired labour situations has enabled a cost-efficient expansion of positive Fairtrade effects on labour conditions in agricultural sectors previously closed to third party inspection, and where exploitative labour relations have previously flourished.”
  • “Qualitative studies show considerable benefits from the Fairtrade Premium to certified small producers and workers in hired labour situations.”
  • “Studies show positive effects of Fairtrade certification on improved management and organisation of co-operatives or producer groups. In some cases this may be partly due to organisational strengthening support from other sources.”

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Posted on 06/10/2017