LEAF impacts report: Delivering more sustainable food and farming (2018)

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The 2018 edition of LEAF’s global impacts report focuses on the collective performance and impact of LEAF farmers and growers across the world in their delivery of more sustainable food and farming. It shows the progress made by LEAF farmers and growers regarding resilience, productivity and health of farmland.

The report is based on a study that was commissioned by LEAF in 2017, carried out by the Countryside and Community Research Institute (CCRI). The study explored the financial, environmental and social benefits of LEAF Marque certification across 37 farmers from the UK, Spain and Senegal, representing a broad range of farm types including arable, horticultural, livestock and mixed farms; these included family farms, estates, partnerships and limited companies.


Some of the key findings are:

  • “386,583 Hectares of crop on LEAF Marque certified businesses around the globe”
  • “34 Countries Worldwide have LEAF Marque certified businesses”
  • “The UK represents the largest crop area at 314,491 hectares, followed by Spain (23,278 hectares), France (13,758 hectares) and Egypt (4,489 hectares)”.
  • “For the sixth year running, the percentage of UK produced fruit and vegetables grown on LEAF Marque certified businesses has increased, which now totals 36%, including 95% of leeks and 91% of asparagus”.
  • “97% of farmers reported LEAF Marque certification had helped secure access to new market opportunities”.
  • “66% of farmers reported increased biodiversity”.
  • “64% reported LEAF Marque certification had helped improve soil condition”
  • “74% LEAF Marque certified businesses with livestock observe indicators of animal welfare and performance on a production cycle basis”

Conclusion and recommendations

  • “The global reach of LEAF Marque in the arable and horticulture sectors continues to grow”.
  • “The results highlighted in this report show significant improvements being made by LEAF Marque certified businesses around the world”.
  • “LEAF’s Integrated Farm Management (IFM), which underpins the LEAF Marque assurance system, helps farmers implement more environmentally sustainable farming practices”.
  • “The report demonstrates that LEAF Marque certification is helping farming businesses achieve their sustainability goals”.


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Posted on 09/07/2018

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