Fairtrade video: Impacting tea farmers and workers in East Africa (2015)

Tea, Uganda © Nathalie Bertrams, Fairtrade International

In this three minute video, farmers and workers from tea farms in Kenya and Tanzania describe how Fairtrade has impacted their lives.

Luke Metto, a tea farmer from Sireet OEP in Kenya explains how Fairtrade supports them by providing information on issues such as climate change, safe use of chemicals and planting trees.

Fairtrade has also helped Sireet OEP to grow and protect itself from market fluctuations. Sireet OEP's Operations Manager, Victor Biwot, states: “The Fairtrade Minimum Price cushioned farmers against those low prices because it acts as a buffer. In the event that prices drop, tea sold in the Fairtrade market cannot come below the Fairtrade Minimum Price.”

In addition, Fairtrade has led to increased awareness of rights and well-being for farm workers. We hear from Rahel Mhabuka, a tea worker at Kibena Tea Estate in Tanzania, who cites the importance of Fairtrade’s Premium in her family’s life: “I think a lot about Fairtrade because it’s a system that pays extra money and that extra profit comes back to us workers. And through the Fairtrade Premium my kids are going to school.”

You can watch the video below:

Posted on 13/03/2017