Bonsucro infographic: Bonsucro outcome report (2017)

Photo © Bonsucro

This infographic by Bonsucro summarises key outcome statistics from the Bonsucro 2017 Outcome Report and illustrates the organisation’s contribution to helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The scope of the Outcome Report considers 226 observations from 60 mills and three farmer associations in Australia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Nicaragua and Thailand, during the period between June 2011 and December 2016.

Report findings highlighted in the infographic include an 80% reduction in water use at Brazilian and Australian certified mills since 2011. And, on GHG savings, it is reported that since 2011 certified mills have avoided 2,896,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions: saving the equivalent to the annual emissions of 611,000 cars.

The results are based on analyses carried out by Bonsucro using different source data. The full outcome report seeks to assess key monitoring and evaluation indicators.

Read the full Bonsucro 2017 Outcome Report.

Posted on 04/09/2018

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