BCI video:WWF, BCI and M&S in India (2017)

Cotton workers, India © Scott Exo, BCI

In this three-minute video, Indian cotton farmers describe how training provided by a joint Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Marks & Spencer project improved their use of pesticides and drip irrigation, resulting in a better quality crop that sells for a higher price.

The project was started with the aim of improving the lives of cotton farmers in particular, as this is the biggest raw material used in M&S clothing. Over a 10-year period over 20,000 farmers have been able to access skills’ training to improve their knowledge of farming practices.

This video focuses on farmers in Telangana, southern India, who discuss their changing attitudes to pesticide use and how they have introduced drip irrigation. They also describe how improved crop quality means a better income, which they have invested in paying school fees for their children and building new houses.

You can watch the video below:

WWF, BCI and M&S Cotton India from Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) on Vimeo.



Posted on 06/11/2017