Rescued from the looms: my visit to a GoodWeave childrens' centre

Recently Sidra Khalid, Assistant, Communications at ISEAL travelled to Nepal and got a chance to visit a rehabilitation centre run by GoodWeave. There she met a group of children who all previously...

ISEAL’s three poverty impact studies complete baseline

ISEAL’s commissioning of the independent evaluations in Indonesia, India and Kenya will help contribute to high quality research on the impacts of certification on the world’s poorest farmers.

WWF study shows benefits of FSC outweigh costs, urges buyers to source certified

A study by WWF shows that FSC earns enterprises more money for their wood sold, and that financial and other benefits outweigh the investments made to integrate the environmental and social practices...

Even among non-users, survey finds standards alive and kicking

A recent business survey found that 70% of non-users of standards will either definitely or likely begin to use standards in the future.

18 Living wage benchmarks underway, criteria to be embedded in standards

With 18 benchmarks in progress and 20 researchers already trained, the group of six standards systems is getting set up to further integrate living wage into their respective standards. More...

Businesses tell ISEAL what impacts information they need

ISEAL surveyed one hundred business leaders on the impacts and business case for using credible standards systems. Here are the preliminary results.

What is the business case for certification in 2015?

Capturing the business case for certification continues to be a hot topic for sustainability standards and the companies who choose them to support their sustainable sourcing goals. The session...

Higher productivity in certified farms revealed in SAN findings

We know sustainable agriculture can have positive economic, environmental and social impacts so it is valuable when an ISEAL member demonstrates clear benefits of their certification programme.

FSC certification “is simply good business”

The 2014 FSC Global Market Survey, a survey of FSC certificate holders that takes place every two years, found that client demand is a decisive factor for getting FSC certified.