Businesses tell ISEAL what impacts information they need

As part of our work to increase uptake of credible standards, we wanted to hear from businesses about their specific information needs on the business case and impacts of sustainability standards. An online survey was sent out in four languages and responses came from 101 persons representing 86 companies.  Separately, ISEAL also conducted interviews in 2015 with seven companies and wrote a set of stories on what those companies see as the value of sustainability standards for their business.

The results of the survey can be seen in this summary infographic. And here are the key insights from our preliminary analysis:

  • Businesses are largely convinced of the impacts of sustainability standards but lack sufficient evidence to convince their decision-makers that standards are effective.
  • Businesses agree that there is a strong business case for using sustainability standards but feel less convinced that this business case applies for organisations they work with (such as supply chain partners, traders and clients).
  • Businesses want information on standards’ impacts to be more communicable, context-specific and robust.
  • Businesses find it most useful to look for evidence on the performance of standards by going to the field to see practical examples of the value that standards bring. They also value the use of statistical and numerical data.
  • Of the many possible business benefits from the use of sustainability standards, businesses would like to see stronger information and evidence of the role standards play in risk management and as guidance tools in helping businesses operationalise sustainability.

To read the business stories, click here.

To download the survey results infographic click here.

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Posted on 15/09/2015