About us

ISEAL represents the global movement of credible and innovative sustainability standards.

Our mission is to strengthen sustainability standards for the benefit of people and the environment.


What we do

  • Encourage shared learning and collaboration to improve the effectiveness of standards systems
  • Demonstrate and improve standards’ impacts
  • Advise current and potential users of standards
  • Build awareness and develop strategies for increasing the uptake of standards
  • Advocate the use of credible standards systems
  • Provides a platform for standards systems to develop and test innovations to improve the effectiveness and accessibility of their systems.

ISEAL supports its members in working towards collective goals and priorities to address the most pressing social and environmental issues that we face in the world today. 

We provide support to emerging standard systems in implementing credible practices, and businesses, governments and others to help them understand what credibility means and how to use standards to achieve their sustainability objectives. 

Our Codes of Good Practice, which full members must meet, promote fair and transparent ways of working. Through our work, we explore ways to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of standards systems and identify opportunities for innovation, to increase the uptake of credible standards in critical regions and to work collaboratively.

We define what makes a standards systems credible and promote learning between established and emerging standards. This includes sharing experience and knowledge about how standards monitor and evaluate their impact, identifying trends in the standards movement and exploring ways to increase small producers' access to certification.

Through our work we strive to increase the uptake and impact of sustainability standards on a global scale.


ISEAL’s Credibility Principles

ISEAL’s Credibility Principles represent ten core values upon which effective sustainability standards are built. They were developed through a year-long multi-stakeholder consultation that engaged more than 400 stakeholders.

 “Being part of the Alliance has been huge in communicating a message about our credibility and rigour to our members.” ISEAL Member


ISEAL Credibility Principles from ISEAL Alliance on Vimeo.


Our credibility

  • ISEAL aims to ensure we are transparent and accountable in all of our work.
  • ISEAL is open to any international sustainability standards system that has a multi-stakeholder approach and supports the ISEAL Credibility Principles.
  • ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice are also open, free-to-download documents that any standards system can use. 
  • ISEAL builds on and complements ISO. Our Assurance Code provide additional requirements for the effective implementation of assurance of sustainability standards. 
  • ISEAL’s members do not decide on the content of the ISEAL Codes.
  • ISEAL and its members set standards through open, international multi-stakeholder standard-setting processes that follow the internationally-recognised ISEAL Standard-Setting Code of Good Practice. 
  • ISEAL and its members are independent. ISEAL standard-setting members are scheme owners that set criteria for how certification and accreditation need to operate under their scheme. 


To learn more visit www.isealalliance.org